Receive or stop receiving the atena News Letter

Currently, our newsletter is only available in Japanese. If you don't want to receive our newsletters, you can opt-out.


1. Open your user settings

Click on your icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click "ユーザー設定".

2. Open email notification settings tab

Click "メール通知" tab to open email notification settings.

3. Change notification setting

  • Receive the newsletter: Select "atenaからのお知らせメールを受信".

  • Stop receiving the newsletter: Clear the checkbox for "atenaからのお知らせメールを受信".

    Finally, click "保存" to save your settings. 

    • Due to our procedures, you may receive a few emails from us even though you've been opted-out.
    • We kindly ask for your understanding that you will still receive emails from us that contains important notice, for example, about service operations, legal notice etc.