How to Accept atena Invitation

Did you receive atena invitation? This help article describes how you can accept the invitation and join your organisation.

You will receive an invitation that shows below when someone invites you to the organisation.


To join the organisation, please click the green button ("Open invitation in atena"). If your invitation is valid, the confirmation page will be shown.

To accept the invitation, click the orange button ("参加する"). If you clicked the white button ("閉じる") wrongly, you can open the invitation again from email while the invitation is valid.


Next, you need to set a password on your account. The password must not be shorter than 8 characters, and it must not be longer than 50 characters. If you completed, click the orange button to save your password and move on to next step.

Finally, you need to set up your account. You can add a profile image to make other team members easily understand this account is you. Once completed setup, please click the orange button to save and continue.

Once successfully completed the sign-up process, this page will be shown. To continue browsing your organisation's mail, please click the orange button.